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Custom cabinets Atherton
Custom cabinets Atherton

Custom cabinets Atherton

Astoria has a passion for leaving our clients feeling mesmerized and content with their
new kitchen, bathroom, and any other area in their home that they are looking to
customize. At Astoria we proudly manufacture our own cabinetry and deliver our
products in a timely manner.

Our exceptional service and authentic experience in the industry gives us an
opportunity to showcase our expertise in world-class workmanship, personalized
design and finishing consultation, along with our sincere patience when it comes to
turning your dreams into reality.

We stand by our quality and attention to detail. Astoria makes sure that no corners are
cut, and that personal touches are incorporated. We put a tremendous focus on
completing each project efficiently, innovatively, as well as cost effectively. We
provide an array of different colour choices/finishes with the highest-grade hardware
and material options available in the market. Our goal at Astoria is to create a long
term relationship with our clients so that we can continue to genuinely inspire each
customer every step of the way. Custom cabinets Atherton

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