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Hukins Hops: The Essence of Kent's Finest Hops and Garlands

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Tenterden, Kent, Hukins Hops specializes in providing premium quality hops for brewing and decorative hop garlands. Their website,, showcases their commitment to traditional hop cultivation, offering a range of products that celebrate the rich heritage of Kent's hop farming.

A Tradition of Excellence in Hop Cultivation

1. Hops for Brewing: Hukins Hops offers a variety of hops, essential for creating distinct flavors and aromas in beer. Their hops are a favorite among brewers for their quality and character.

2. Decorative Hop Garlands: Beyond brewing, Hukins Hops crafts beautiful hop garlands, perfect for adding a rustic charm to homes or events. These garlands, made from fresh hops, are available every harvest season in September.

Why Choose Hukins Hops?

  • Quality and Tradition: With a deep-rooted history in hop farming, Hukins Hops combines traditional methods with modern techniques to produce hops of the highest quality.
  • Sustainable Practices: Embracing sustainable farming practices, they ensure their cultivation methods are environmentally friendly and maintain the natural balance.
  • Direct Mail Order: Fresh hop garlands are conveniently available through mail order, allowing customers to enjoy the beauty of Kent's hops directly in their homes.
  • Local and Global Reach: While deeply connected to their local heritage, Hukins Hops also caters to a global market, sharing a piece of Kent with the world.

The Harvest Season: A Time of Celebration

September marks the harvest season at Hukins Hops, a time when the farm buzzes with activity. This is the perfect time to experience the freshest hop garlands, a seasonal delight that brings the essence of the Kent countryside into any space.


For those who appreciate the art of brewing or seek to adorn their spaces with natural, rustic beauty, Hukins Hops is a perfect choice. Visit to explore their selection of hops and hop garlands, and experience the best of Kent's hop farming tradition.