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long journey film
long journey film

long journey film

Long Journey: Crafting Cinematic Masterpieces

Explore the world of Long Journey, a German-Vietnamese director based in Berlin and Los Angeles, renowned for his versatile and honest vision in filmmaking.

A Blend of Experience and Artistry

A Decade in European Film Industry: With over ten years of experience in the European film industry, Long Journey brings a rich tapestry of skills and insights to every project.

Photography Meets Filmmaking

Strong Background in Photography: His profound background in photography injects a unique aesthetic and perspective into his work, ensuring every frame is not just seen but felt.

Commercial Campaigns with a Viral Edge

  • Viral Commercial Campaigns: Specializing in viral commercial campaigns, Long Journey has a keen eye for creating content that resonates and engages audiences worldwide.
  • From German TV to Global Features: Beginning his career in German TV production at the tender age of 15, Long Journey has since expanded his portfolio to include feature films, series, and commercials, catering to high-profile clients like Sony Music.

Training and Expertise

  • Trained in Berlin: Under the guidance of industry experts in Berlin, he has honed a skill set that balances technical expertise with creative storytelling.
  • A Global Perspective: With a base in both Berlin and Los Angeles, Long Journey brings a unique international perspective to his work, allowing for a diverse range of storytelling styles.

Why Choose Long Journey?

  • Expertise in Diverse Formats: Whether it's a commercial, a series, or a feature film, Long Journey's work stands out for its creativity and impact.
  • Unique Visual Storytelling: His approach to filmmaking combines the art of photography with dynamic storytelling, creating visually stunning and emotionally resonant narratives.

Discover the art of cinematic storytelling with Long Journey, a director who blends experience, artistry, and a global perspective to create unforgettable visual narratives.

long journey film