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crown paint suppliers
crown paint suppliers

crown paint suppliers

Westoby: Your Trusted Supplier of Premium Paint Brands in the UK

Westoby stands as a distinguished supplier in the UK's paint industry, catering to businesses and tradespeople with an extensive range of top-tier products. We take pride in our selection of Dulux paint suppliers, Crown paint suppliers, and Johnstones paint suppliers, offering quality solutions for all your painting needs.

Unmatched Quality with Household Paint Brands

Dulux Paint Suppliers: Colours for Every Palette

As Dulux paint suppliers, we provide a spectrum of colors and finishes that professionals trust. Dulux's reputation for durability and vibrant hues makes it a go-to choice for projects demanding the highest standard.

Crown Paint Suppliers: The Royal Touch

Partnering with Crown paint suppliers, we bring to the table a brand synonymous with excellence. Crown paints offer an exceptional blend of quality and aesthetic appeal, perfect for interior and exterior applications.

Johnstones Paint Suppliers: Innovation in Every Tin

A Tradition of Excellence with Johnstones

Our range from Johnstones paint suppliers merges tradition with innovation, delivering products that ensure a flawless finish. Johnstones' commitment to evolving technology in paint manufacturing is reflected in every tin we supply.

Comprehensive Paint & Coatings Solutions

At Westoby, our paint & coatings category is curated to meet the diverse needs of our clients. From primers to topcoats, our products span the full gamut of painting requirements, ensuring you have access to the best on the market.

Why Choose Westoby for Your Paint Supplies?

  • Trusted UK Paint Supplier: Our longstanding reputation as a trusted paint supplier means you can count on us for reliable service and quality products.
  • Specialists in Household Brands: We specialize in well-known brands like Dulux, Crown, and Johnstones, ensuring you receive products that are respected in the industry.
  • Dedicated to Businesses and Tradespeople: Our focus is on serving businesses and tradesmen, understanding their unique needs and providing paint solutions that help them succeed.


For those who demand excellence in paint supplies, Westoby is your definitive source. With our expertise and extensive product range, we're here to support your business with the finest paints from renowned brands.

Discover the perfect paint for your project with Westoby. Visit Westoby Paint & Coatings and choose from our premium selection of Dulux, Crown, and Johnstones paints today.

crown paint suppliers