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Kooks Long tube headers
Kooks Long tube headers

Kooks Long tube headers

Unleash the Roar: DTX Performance's Aftermarket Mastery for Muscle Cars

At DTX Performance, muscle car enthusiasts find their haven for power and performance. Our selection of aftermarket enhancements, including drag packs for Camaro, Corvette, and Mustang, are meticulously curated to transform your vehicle into a track titan. As a leader in the aftermarket domain in the USA, we are dedicated to fueling the passion that drives every muscle car owner.

Drag Packs: The Heart of Muscle Car Enhancement

The thrill of drag racing demands not just skill but also a vehicle that's been optimized for performance. Our Drag Pack for Mustang is a prime example of our commitment to excellence, providing Mustang owners with the ultimate upgrades for speed and handling. Similarly, our Drag Pack for Camaro and Drag Pack for Corvette are designed to enhance your car's racing DNA, ensuring it's equipped to conquer the quarter-mile.

Aftermarket Exhaust Systems: Symphony of Power

An aftermarket exhaust system is more than just a modification—it's an investment in power and sound. DTX Performance offers a range of options, including Borla Exhaust, Corsa Exhaust, and Stainless Works Exhaust, each contributing to a distinct acoustic and performance profile that complements the raw power of muscle cars.

Kooks Long Tube Headers: Unleashing Potential

For those in pursuit of efficiency and enhanced flow, Kooks Long Tube Headers are the ideal upgrade. Known for their quality and performance boost, these headers are a favorite among our customers, offering significant horsepower and torque improvements for a truly exhilarating drive.

The Wheels of Victory: Weld Wheels and Forgestar

No performance upgrade is complete without the right set of wheels. Weld Wheels are renowned for their strength and lightweight design, perfect for the racer who demands the best. For those looking for customizability and performance, Forgestar offers wheels that are both stylish and functional, ready to take on the demands of the track and the street.

DTX Performance: Your Aftermarket Authority

We at DTX Performance understand that aftermarket parts are not just about the upgrade—they're about the experience and the lifestyle. That's why we offer only the best components that meet our high standards for quality and performance.


For the muscle car aficionado looking to push their ride to the limits, DTX Performance is your go-to source for the finest aftermarket parts. Whether it's a Drag Pack for your Camaro, Corvette, or Mustang, or an exhaust system that resonates with power, we have what you need to elevate your vehicle's performance.

Visit DTX Performance and explore our extensive collection of parts that promise to transform your muscle car into a beacon of performance and power.

Kooks Long tube headers