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umbrella company vs paye
umbrella company vs paye

umbrella company vs paye

Navigating the World of Umbrella Companies: Why Rocket Paye is Your Best Choice in the UK


Are you a contractor in the UK confused about whether to go with an umbrella company or PAYE? Look no further! Rocket Paye offers a seamless solution that combines the best of both worlds. As a contractor with us, you're legally treated as an employee, which means you gain access to all statutory benefits like Holiday Pay, Sick Pay (SSP), Maternity Pay (SMP), and Pension.

Why Choose Rocket Paye?

One Continuous Employment

The beauty of Rocket Paye is that you have one continuous employment throughout the duration of your various assignments. This is a significant advantage, especially for contractors who frequently switch between projects.

Statutory Benefits

As you are deemed an employee when you engage with Rocket Paye, you are entitled to:

  • Holiday Pay
  • Sick Pay (SSP)
  • Maternity Pay (SMP)
  • Pension

HMRC Approved

We are among the list of HMRC approved umbrella companies, ensuring that all your tax matters are handled in compliance with the law.

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How Rocket Paye Works

  1. Sign Up: Register with Rocket Paye to become a legal employee.
  2. Engage: Take on multiple assignments without worrying about the administrative hassle.
  3. Get Paid: Receive your salary along with all the statutory benefits directly to your account.


Rocket Paye is designed to offer contractors in the UK a hassle-free and compliant way to manage their earnings. With us, you not only get the flexibility of being a contractor but also the security of being an employee.

For more information, visit Rocket Paye.

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umbrella company vs paye