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mortgage for the over 50s
mortgage for the over 50s

mortgage for the over 50s


The financial landscape for older adults has evolved significantly over the years, especially when it comes to mortgages and loans. Whether you're looking to refinance, purchase a new home, or secure a personal loan, age should not be a limiting factor. Concise Finance specializes in providing financial solutions for those aged 75 and above, offering a range of products tailored to meet the unique needs of this demographic.

Key Services Offered by Concise Finance

  • Mortgages for Over 75s: Concise Finance offers mortgage options specifically designed for individuals over 75, ensuring that age is not a barrier to securing a home loan.

  • Personal Loans for Over 75s: Whether it's for home improvement or an emergency, Concise Finance provides personal loan options that are both flexible and affordable.

  • Mortgage Lenders Up to Age 75: Partnering with a variety of lenders, Concise Finance offers a wide range of mortgage products that cater to individuals up to the age of 75.

  • Loans for Over 70s UK: Not just limited to those over 75, Concise Finance also has loan options for individuals in their 70s.

  • Affordability Calculator Nationwide: To help you make an informed decision, Concise Finance offers an affordability calculator that provides a clear picture of what you can borrow.

Why Choose Concise Finance?

  • Specialized Expertise: With a focus on serving older adults, Concise Finance has the specialized knowledge required to navigate the complexities of mortgages and loans for this age group.

  • Wide Range of Products: From mortgages to personal loans, Concise Finance offers a comprehensive suite of financial products tailored for older adults.

  • Transparency: With tools like the affordability calculator, Concise Finance aims to provide complete transparency, helping you make informed decisions.

Key Considerations

  1. Age Limitations: Understanding the mortgage age limit in the UK is crucial, and Concise Finance provides options that extend beyond traditional age limits.

  2. Financial Flexibility: Whether it's a mortgage or a personal loan, financial flexibility is key, especially for older adults who may be on a fixed income.

  3. Affordability: Utilizing tools like the affordability calculator can provide valuable insights into what you can realistically afford.


Navigating the financial landscape as an older adult can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be. Concise Finance provides a range of financial solutions designed to meet the unique needs of individuals aged 75 and above. With specialized expertise and a wide range of products, they stand as a reliable partner in your financial journey.

For more information or to explore your options, you can visit Concise Finance’s website.

mortgage for the over 50s