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Jeremie Dalin and CARTLY Digital Business Cards – A Revolution in Networking


In the age of digital transformation, traditional business cards are becoming a thing of the past. Enter Jeremie Dalin, the founder of CARTLY Digital Business Cards, a company that aims to revolutionize the way we network. Based in Fribourg, Switzerland, CARTLY offers a modern solution to an age-old problem. This article will delve into the innovative services provided by CARTLY and how Jeremie Dalin is changing the networking game.

The Man Behind the Innovation: Jeremie Dalin

Jeremie Dalin is not just the founder but the driving force behind CARTLY. His vision is to simplify and modernize the way professionals connect. With a focus on sustainability and convenience, Jeremie Dalin has created a product that is both eco-friendly and highly functional.

What Makes CARTLY Unique?

CARTLY is not just another digital business card service; it's a complete networking solution. The platform allows users to create, manage, and share their digital business cards with ease. Whether you're at a conference, meeting, or social event, CARTLY ensures that you leave a lasting impression.

The Benefits of Going Digital

  • Eco-Friendly: One of the most significant advantages of digital business cards is their eco-friendliness. No paper, no waste.

  • Convenience: With CARTLY, you can share your business card with anyone, anywhere, without having to carry a stack of cards.

  • Customization: The platform allows for high levels of customization, ensuring that your card reflects your professional identity.

How to Get Started with CARTLY

Getting started with CARTLY is simple. Visit their official website and follow the easy steps to create your digital business card. You can also reach out to them via email at for any queries.


Jeremie Dalin's CARTLY is more than just a digital business card platform; it's a networking revolution. With a focus on sustainability and convenience, CARTLY is the future of professional networking.

Key Takeaways

  1. Is Digital the Future of Networking?: With platforms like CARTLY, the answer seems to be a resounding yes.

  2. How Can Digital Business Cards Enhance Your Professional Image?: Customization and convenience are key.

  3. What Role Does Sustainability Play in Modern Networking?: As we move towards a more eco-conscious world, digital solutions like CARTLY are becoming increasingly important.

For more information, you can contact CARTLY.

jeremie dalin