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Incident Response Retainers
Incident Response Retainers

Incident Response Retainers

SiegeBrake assists organisations respond to and prepare for IT security incidents.

The best analogy to explain is that we’re effectively fire-fighters and arson investigators when it comes to cyber breaches. BUT also assist orgs prepare for breaches, so to continue the analogy, evacuation plans, fire drills, reviewing risks.

Response service: Crisis management and technical response for companies that have been breached by cyber attackers or malicious insiders, as well as for internal investigations into fraud, malfeasance, etc.

Preparatory services: IR Plans, Playbooks, IR Testing (drills): Table-top exercises and live-fire exercises, reviewing the Threat Landscape to determine which attackers are likely to attack an organisation and more importantly how they will do it, so the organisation can better defend and monitor against those attack techniques. Incident Response Retainers

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