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flutter hot reload not working vscode
flutter hot reload not working vscode

flutter hot reload not working vscode

I am an independent contractor –building mobile apps for my clients in “Flutter”. I am based in India and working on a contract basis (remote) with clients from the USA. I work at an hourly rate and clients hire me to work either independently or augment their existing staff.

What is Flutter?

It is a toolkit by google to build multi-platform apps using a single codebase. To put it in simple words I just have to write code once to build the app for IOS, Android, Web, and Desktop (Mac, Linux, Windows). Refer in case you need more info..

I have set up my new website “” to promote myself as a consulting firm.

Few problems for which I have provided solutions so far:

I have been hired to augment existing staff in an engineering team. I come in as a consultant and solve problems in their flutter app.

1. They have apps written in native languages (SWIFT, Objective C, Java) and are looking to switch to flutter.

2. They have built something in “Flutter” that needs an upgrade —flutter being relatively new on the block and a slight scarcity of high-quality developers. They want someone who can review existing code, make honest recommendations, and Implement changes.

3. Startups looking to go to market quickly but not finding good quality flutter engineers.

I have extensive experience working on the following app categories

– Ecommerce

– Healthcare

– Media

– IoT

– Social

– Hyperlocal

Usually, code assessment gigs lead to app development work. But as I explain below, I don’t have any fixed price or an end-to-end package at this stage.

My pricing: I work on an hourly rate — In software development, we deal with many unknowns. And I’d like to get long-term contracts. This means that they can not be fixed-cost projects. flutter hot reload not working vscode

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